Notes that count.

A Client-Centred Instrument of Collaborative Care

Narrative and quantitative data

Data Visualization
for Front-Line Workers and Clients

KoNote helps any healthcare worker to get to the root of what is going on with a patient
and eliminates the hassle of having to go through unnecessary information or tedious clicking.

Narrative and Quantitative Data with Decision-Support Tools

KoNote is a new breed of Client Information System, designed for Clinicians AND Administrators AND Clients.

Konote is a "Problem-Oriented Record on steroids." Designed with the end-user in mind, KoNote organizes information the way clinicians think.

Engage, guide and teach your staff
When you start using a Problem-Oriented Record, [nurses and other health professionals] become part of the team. They know everything they are doing. They know how one doctor does it differently. They ask why. They become more and more sophisticated.
- Dr. Lawrence Weed (1971)
Data + Narrative Together

Collection and display of quantitative data (indicators, or metrics) are built into the structure of the problem list, and data points are entered as part of documenting in a progress note. The integration of narrative and quantitative notes considerably streamlines data entry time — users “count what is countable” and describe when necessary.

Fast and Simple Documentation

The simple, elegant interface makes it easy to review records and enter information. The user has complete freedom to customize the structure of notes, indicators and scales.

Team Members and Consultants Communicate within the Record

KoNote users communicate to each other within the software as they read and maintain a common client record. This promotes a sense of shared ownership of the client’s care (and the integrity of the record, too!).

YOU configure, change, update the structure as needed

KoNote’s problem-oriented logical structure is completely configurable by the user to the level of structure and complexity desired. You have complete freedom to design any number of note outlines, and revise their structure on the fly.

The KoNote Mission
  • to improve the quality of healthcare
  • the quality of the work experience of the healthcare worker
  • to educate healthcare workers about what they really need, as opposed to what the IT industry provides them.

Dr. Gotlib developed KoNote because he was frustrated with the glaring deficits in current EHRs:

  • burdensome user interfaces
  • text entries (progress notes, consultation reports) are treated as static, unsearchable entities
  • EHRs basically mirror the logical structure of the paper chart (serial entries, separated by discipline), and fail to exploit the computer’s power to help clinicians keep a clear sense of the direction of a client’s treatment.

KoNote transforms the clinical record from a passive repository to a powerful tool that clinicians love to use because it's helpful -- teams collaborate better, clinical focus is sharpened, and clients and families are more engaged.

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